What is a radiologic technologist starting salary

X-ray technicians or imaging techs are imaging tech is employed by affects their salary. Radiology techs generally have a two-year associate's degree and earn an average hourly wage of $ Specialties within the field, including mammography. The report examines technologist wages by discipline, job title, experience, location and other factors.

Salary information and advice for radiologic technologist at US News Best Jobs. The average salary of a Radiologic Technologist working in San Francisco. Radiologic Technologists average a score of out of 5 on our salary satisfaction scale. This places Radiologic Technologists in the 73th percentile of salary. The average MRI Technologist in the United States earns approximately $ per hour. Cash earnings for MRI Technologists which.

How much does a Radiologic Technologist earn in the United States? The average Radiologic Technologist salary in the United States is $54, as of January. The average Radiology Technologist salary in Canada is $ per year or $ per hour. With neuvoo's salary tool, you can search and compare. But a radiologic technologist salary is nothing to scoff at. These healthcare professionals earn an average of $58, per year, with the highest.