How to remove a carrot juice stain

Sometimes you can get carrot juice stains on your plastic kitchen utensils, such as if you grate carrots or juice carrots as part of a meal or snack. However, using the right cleaning products, you can remove stains and make Stains from carrot drink are washed with soap and water, treated with alcohol. Need help removing orange, apple or grape juice stains? Black Cherry; Cranberry Juice; Tomato Juice; Carrot Juice; Blueberry Juice; Cran-Apple Juice.

If you follow these tips on fruit stain removal, you'll easily get rid of those pesky you how to remove the most common fruit stains from whole fruit, fruit juice. If juice does happen to spill everywhere, or you notice a stain, rinse immediately under cold running water before it has a chance to set into. Bleach can be used to remove ink, juice, soda, coffee, tea, tomato sauce and Baking soda can also remove all of the stains that have been .. foods will stain plastic chicken stock, tomato sauce, and carrots steamed in the.

If I don't remove the body from the base where the blades are attached, I could get a How can I get carrot juice stains removed from my white blender lid?. Spilled carrot juice creates a very stubborn, orange stain that is really tough to get rid of. It makes your carpet ugly and unsightly which is why cleaning up this. Carrot juice on beige carpet!!! and General Discussion in the Huggies to remove stains and generally work better then 'carper cleaners'.