How to make a stove hood cover

The kitchen design experts at share step-by-step instructions and project plans for constructing a custom kitchen range hood. Your kitchen is begging for a custom wood range hood vent cover that you build with your bare hands. Learn how to DIY an industrial strength. Hello sweet friends!! We are moving right along on our kitchen update, and today I am back to share how I gave our range hood a custom look.

I've longed for the day when more than just a microwave would go above my stove. I love the look of statement hood vents, and contemplated modern stainless. It actually makes sense since non-covered range hoods usually have wood cabinets against either side of them and they don't typically have. Build a custom cabinet to cover up your ugly range hood. The operative word here is custom. That's because the size of the cabinet depends on.

Remember how yesterday I was all, I'm going to tape and drape my kitchen and start painting TODAY! Well, that didn't happen, because I. I discovered this a few years ago and have been trying to do them ever since. No need to buy an expensive matching cabinet hood cover. Okay, here is how we cut the wood for the frame: How to build your own range hood cover wood materials with written instructions at.