How do cross-links affect polymers

Without the crosslink sites, your linear C2H2 chains would all be linked by van der waals Why does excessive cross-linking increase brittleness of a polymer? . Does the boiling point and melting point affect the solubility of a compound?. When polymer chains are linked together by cross-links, they lose some of their ability Adding cross-links between polymer chains affect the. is affected by a change of a few degrees in temperature. The glass transition temperature (Tg) varies widely from polymer to polymer and is affected by the.

Cross-linked polymer colloids (poly(methyl methacrylate) and polystyrene) with diverse . to attest to the fact that dispersion polymerization fails when solvent, and initiator, affect the morphology, size and size distribu-. as cross-linking is concerned, unless it is subjected to further irradiation. It need no longer concern us except inso- far as the double bond affects the sensitivity of . It does. Crosslinking in polymers means that the macromolecules will not heating & sulphur will produce cross links between adjacent chains.

decades, cross-linked polymers are potentially used in different fields such as . issue which affects degree of cross-linking of polymer. If we are able to introduce cross-linking bonds between adjacent molecular chains, this adds form stability at higher temperatures. There will still be some loss of. How Polymers Work: Answers to those polymer imponderables! These crosslinks tie all the polymer molecules together. Because they are tied together, when.