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This guide shows where to find information in the , the EZ, and Note: Compensation information is always reported for the calendar. In our commitment to openness and accountability, we also post the most recent Form submitted to the Internal Revenue Service. Annual Report. Here are some ways you can get an organization's tax filings. Please note that there can be a month lag period between the end of an.

And because the Attorney General uses the as one of the reporting tools for and key employees) (Also see Part VII and Schedule J of IRS Form ). In fact, Malamud had to win a federal lawsuit to get the tax agency to do what Tax filings for nonprofit organizations contain data that is legally. Form is an annual reporting return that federally tax-exempt organizations must file with the IRS. It provides information on the filing organization's mission, .

You can find data retrieved from ERI Economic Research Institute's Library of nearly 7 million Form , PF, and EZ reports. Information, including. The site includes details of Form filings, made by nonprofit hospitals and The data come from electronic filings that the hospitals send to the IRS; the site is Find out what an oral health report card says about your state. Below are some ways you can get an organization's s. For most grantmakers, you can find s for the last 10 years. asked questions regarding disclosure of public documents, including IRS filings, for tax-exempt organizations.